Empire of the Ghouls – Introducing the Characters

Three years ago I started work on the Empire of the Ghouls adventure path for Kobold Press, writing the overall outline with Wolfgang Baur, and then Chapter 2: The Holy Robes of Sister Adelind, and Chapter 6: The Pure City of Vandekhul.  Since then, I’ve been posting the session write ups I’ve been doing for my players after our monthly game sessions.

Before starting the game we ran a Session 0 to discuss the characters and how they would work together as group – I found the advice in Sly Flourish’s Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master very helpful for this. The other thing that helped was sending the players a brief introduction to Midgard and a summary of what the campaign was all about. You can download my Empire of the Ghouls campaign brief here.

Whatever game I’m running we always seem to end up with an unconventional cast of characters, and this one is no exception:

The Gears of Doom That Inevitably Lead to the Downfall of the Hirsute Imperialists and Presage the Age of the Kobold Under the Watchful Gaze of the Divine Clockwork Oracle – “The Gears” or just “Gears”for short – is a male kobold cleric of Rava who escaped to Zobeck from the Ironcrags. Although he often comes across as servile and obsequious when talking to humans, he is dedicated to the ideal of kobold emancipation and is easily riled by injustice.

Penumbra is a female tiefling warlock and former enforcer for the Cloven Nine. After failing to buy her way out of the gang, she fled Zobeck but ran into a shadow fey named Louthin who sent her to a mysterious tower in the Margreve Forest. There, she entered into a pact with the Queen of Night and Magic, and has now returned to Zobeck where she hopes to avoid attracting the Cloven Nine’s attention.

Louthin is an arrogant male shadow fey fighter of noble heritage. Previously responsible for ruling a domain in the Margreve Forest that included Mahtava’s village, he was recently assigned to Winter’s Kiss, the shadow fey embassy in Zobeck, by the Queen of Night and Magic herself.

Mahtava (aka Bubbles) is a female shadow fey ranger from the Margreve Forest. Quixotic and unpredictable, she gets her nickname because “putting my brother’s head under water makes bubbles”. Her long-suffering brother, Vicmorn, was dragged off by undead riders in a raid and Bubbles is determined to find him. 

Zygmunt is a male human paladin of Svarog the Rider. A refugee from fallen Krakova, his childhood sweetheart was murdered at a vampire party after the undead invasion. He escaped through the Margreve to Zobeck with Bubbles’ help and has sworn revenge on the ghouls and vampires who have conquered his homeland.

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