Free Resources


Free preview of Parsantium: City at the Crossroads

Free preview of Icons of Parsantium

Parsantium city map by Jonathan Roberts

Lands of Parsantium map by Jared Blando

Empire of the Ghouls campaign brief

Scarlet Citadel campaign brief

Confused GM Crib Sheet

Parsantium 5e


Bureaucrat background

Gladiator background

Old Quarter Commoner background

20 Parsantine trinkets

Parsantium in Midgard

Van Richten’s Guide to Empire of the Ghouls

Part 1: Character Options

Part 2: Darklords and Domains

Part 3: Midgard Remixes

Part 4: Survivors of Yarosbirg

Part 5: Running a Horror Campaign in Midgard

Part 6: Ravenloft Monsters in Midgard

Scarlet Citadel

A Guide to the Scarlet Citadel Map Overlays Part 1

A Guide to Scarlet Citadel Map Overlays Part 2

Where is Redtower?

Vertical and Planar Connections (by Damian Mainka)

Connections Overview (by Damian Mainka)

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