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Empire of the Ghouls – Introducing the Characters

Three years ago I started work on the Empire of the Ghouls adventure path for Kobold Press, writing the overall outline with Wolfgang Baur, and then Chapter 2: The Holy Robes of Sister Adelind, and Chapter 6: The Pure City of Vandekhul.  Since then, I’ve been posting the session write ups I’ve been doing for my players after our monthlyContinue reading “Empire of the Ghouls – Introducing the Characters”

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Richard Green has been in love with tabletop roleplaying games since the 80s. He is the author and publisher of Parsantium: City at the Crossroads, a city sourcebook for use with all editions of D&D and Pathfinder. His freelance design credits include the Midgard Worldbook, Empire of the Ghouls, and the Southlands Worldbook for Kobold Press, as well as work for the D&D Adventurers League and Raging Swan Press.

Richard lives in London, UK with his wife Kate and two cats. You can find him on Twitter: @richgreen01.