Empire of the Ghouls Session 13 – The Spear Maidens of Hope

In our 13th session, the PCs reached the ruins of Yarosbirg.

22nd Redleaf, 92 FY (contd.)

The characters try to keep a low profile as they cross Varshava, City of Horses, to the Black Stallion Inn recommended by local boy Zygmunt. As they pass the construction site for the new temple of Marena, Zygmunt draws the attention of a couple of the work crew who appear to recognise him. A Red Sister sends a patrol over to check the party’s credentials but Penumbra is able to charm him with her Fey Presence, allowing the characters to proceed.

23rd Redleaf

Zygmunt casts find steed to summon his celestial warhorse, Magnu. The others continue on foot.

26th Redleaf

The characters battle a wolf spirit swarm on their way to Yarosbirg; Magnu drops to 0 hp in the fight and disappears.

27th Redleaf

The party arrive at the ruins of Yarosbirg. Climbing the hill, they spot a group of strange little girls inside who run off when the characters approach. Zygmunt’s Divine Sense identifies them as undead. Worried about the bright sunlight, The Gears and Bubbles want to wait until dusk before heading inside, so Penumbra sends Kalo to scout the ruined fortress. She reports back with a rough layout of the castle, and reveals that there are two manticores in the southeastern tower. 

When the sun gets lower in the sky, Bubbles sneaks inside but is spotted by the manticores. The characters take up position behind cover and wait but the manticores are in no hurry either, and battle is only joined when The Gears pops his head out from behind cover. Once the two monsters are defeated, the party move into the Outer Bailey and destroy the undead mylings with Bubbles’ hail of thorns and Penumbra’s shatter

The adventurers take a short rest and then explore the rest of the ruins, finding treasure in the manticore’s lair as well as signs that the Spear Maidens of Hope have been here recently. They post watch on top of the intact tower and rest for the night.

Sister Dorotka by Bryan Syme

28th Redleaf

Late in the afternoon, the characters spot a pair of warrior-maidens approaching Yarosbirg. They are Sister Olga and Sister Dorotka of the Spear Maidens of Hope, here to pay respects to Sister Adelind on the anniversary of her death. The Sisters insist on praying on top of the mound before they will talk to the party at length.

Their prayers are soon interrupted when a group of Ghost Knights ride through the gates after Louthin failed to notice their approach.  The undead captain charges Zygmunt while the human conscripts ride up to attack The Gears and Bubbles. Louthin fires arrows from the tower and Penumbra casts eldritch blast from the mound. The human conscripts fall first, then Zygmunt finishes off the Ghost Knight captain with divine smite

The two Spear Maidens thank the party for defeating the Ghost Knights and explain that some of their comrades have been captured and are being held at the fortress of Orzelbirg about 30 miles away. Worse still, the precious holy relic they were safeguarding – the Holy Robes of Sister Adelind the characters have been sent to find – has fallen into the hands of the enemy. The Spear Maidens ask the characters to help them recover the Holy Robes and rescue their Sisters from the clutches of the undead. Zygmunt has a personal interest in Orzelbirg – the general-at-arms who holds the castle, Frazko Grimslade, is the killer of his beloved fiancé.

Yarosbirg map by Jon Pintar

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