Empire of the Ghouls Session 16 – The Wrath of Baba Yaga

In our 16th session, the party had to deal with the consequences of removing a gnome’s mushroom hat, and used the power of the Holy Robes of Sister Adelind for the first time. Here’s the write up which contains spoilers for the campaign. 

Harvest Dances, 92 FY

The characters get ready for the return journey from Orzelbirg to Jozht. Penumbra attunes to the Holy Robes of Sister Adelind. Sister Ewa and Sister Miya have recovered from darakhul fever, but Sister Janina has taken a turn for the worst, so The Gears casts greater restoration on her.

Later that day, dark clouds gather overhead. Louthin spots a shape flying towards the party at high speed – a figure in a giant mortar and pestle. As the characters run for cover, the cackling Baba Yaga swoops down and blasts them with lightning bolts. Bubbles puts on the mushroom hat she took from Chapman Bogun to hide herself from Grandmother.

Baba Yaga opens a portal between two trees and her servants swarm forward: two vila riding large stags, wampus cats, and a pack of wolves. The witch leaves her minions to take care of the annoying adventurers and flies off to deal with the gnome. As the Spear Maidens fend off half the wolves, the characters battle the fey and the other beasts. 

After a tough fight, the party are battered and bruised, but victorious. Zygmunt knocked one of the vila unconscious. When she comes round, he tells her to give Baba Yaga a message, that the characters are not her enemy and hate the gnomes almost as much as she does. Meanwhile, The Gears tries to steal Bubbles’ hat with mage hand but the shadow fey holds it tightly on her head.

3rd Last Leaf, 92 FY 

As the group heads north via the back roads in an attempt to avoid Krakovan patrols, they run into Vukas Shroudson, the hooded darakhul mage who escaped from Castle Orzebirg, mounted on a hideous ghoulsteed and accompanied by ghasts. Bubbles and Louthin use misty step to pursue the elusive Shroudson to the top of a ridge, while Zygmunt faces the ghoulsteed. Penumbra activates the Radiant Burst of the Holy Robes for the first time, blinding The Gears. Sadly, the kobold’s attempts to turn the ghasts go awry – only one is turned and he soon becomes un-turned when Zygmunt injures him. Louthin kills Shroudson, and the others finish off the remaining undead.

Jagoda Mazurek

17th Last Leaf

The party arrives safely back in Jozht with the Spear Maidens of Hope. Jagoda Mazurek, high priestess at the Temple of the Shield Maiden, thanks them for saving the paladins, and tells them they must keep the Holy Robes of Sister Adelind. She has had a vision in which she saw the characters using the relic in a battle against evil.

18th – 24th Last Leaf

Downtime in Jozht. The Gears builds Herr Biegen, his clockwork servant. Zygmunt helps out at the temple of Volund in Dwarf-Town but his mind isn’t on the job – he spends too much time assisting The Gears and the dwarves are unimpressed. He does hear mutterings that Ragnarok is coming, though. 

Penumbra buys a rod of the pact keeper from a merchant; the rod seems to have a connection to Asmodeus. Louthin is offered a Quaal’s feather token of a tree but decides to buy potions of resistance instead. 

Meanwhile, Bubbles (deliberately) falls in with the wrong crowd and ends up on an ill-advised heist with the Town Hall as its target. Bubbles and her accomplices Slavomir and Milosh are arrested and thrown in jail and she has to pay a hefty 1,000 gp fine for her release.

25th Last Leaf

The party are summoned to the Temple of the Shield Maiden. Jagoda tells them her priests have had visions of dark deeds taking place across the Nieder Straits. She asks the adventurers to travel to Reaver’s Cave and put a stop to whatever is going on and has arranged a ship called the Osprey to take them there. Jagoda offers 500 gp now, 500 gp on their return when Bubbles complains about being hard up. If the characters need help, they should travel to Huldramose, home to the Huldra, fierce shield maidens devoted to Sif.

After the meeting, the party try to find out more by asking around town. It sounds like a cannibal cult called the Creed of All Flesh could be involved. They also hear disturbing tales of a ghost ship full of bodies, drained of all their blood…

Map by Dice Grimorium: https://www.patreon.com/dicegrimorium

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