Empire of the Ghouls Session 6 – The Black Canton

In our sixth  session, we continued with Chapter 2 of Empire of the GhoulsThe Holy Robes of Sister Adelind. Here’s the write up which contains spoilers for the campaign. 

2nd Harvest Tide, 92 FY 

The party arrive in the village of Stromberg; Zygmunt returns the gold nugget to Dorrim’s widow. Later, they share a camp with a group of kobolds who have been driven out of their copper mine by a megapede; The Gears is keen to help them.

3rd Harvest Tide 

The party enter the mine and slay the megapede. The grateful miners give them a magical glaive as a reward. 

4th Harvest Tide

The characters arrive in the Hall of Grisal. Penumbra and Zygmunt talk to Captain Brogan Bonebasher and agree to help him retrieve the bodies of his fallen men in return for an introduction to undead expert Trehild Shardspike. The Gears and Louthin are offered the chance to purchase Sister Adelind’s finger bone by Ajarlo Maccioni, a Septime priest. Penumbra goes to Rocks Are Us and learns the stones she found come from the Ghoul Imperium.  

They all go to see Havard Glimmerstone in the barracks. The graveslayer found an identical charcoal sketch on another darakhul – he thinks the face is Krakovan and advises the party to show it to Jaro Whitebeard at the Black Fortress. After Zygmunt has been to see the priest of Volund, the party buy “Sister Adelind’s finger bone” for 500 gp.

Brogan Bonebasher

6th Harvest Tide

The characters cross into Doresh with Brogan Bonebasher and his companions. As they load the bodies of Brogan’s comrades onto the mules, Louthin feels ill at the stench. Worse still, some of the fallen are now undead and return to attack. The Gears turns some but Zygmunt falls unconscious (twice), Penumbra goes down to 1 hp, and Louthin drops too. Eventually Zygmunt takes down the corrupted graveslayer with a critical divine smite.

8th Harvest Tide

Back in the Halls, Brogan gives the party a Black Shield of Grisal in gratitude for their help. He takes them six floors deep to see Trehild Shardspike. The near-deaf sage tells the characters that the Holy Robes of Sister Adelind are a scrap of her dress inside a reliquary, and have magical powers. 

She offers two leads: the Temple of the Shield Maiden in the Free City of Jozht, and the Krakovan Court-in-Exile, somewhere in neighbouring Dornig. Jaro Whitebeard at the Black Fortress may know where the Court can be found. Trehild also reveals that Vukas Shroudson is a darakhul shadowmancer and spymaster in the service of Radomir Marrowblight, a high priest of Vardesain, the Hunger God.

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