Wrath of the River King Session 9 – The Fey River Road

Wrath of the River King was the first 4th Edition Open Design project from Kobold Press and is set mostly in the Summer Lands, Midgard’s version of the Feywild. I ran this adventure in 2009, starting it in the Feyshore Forest near Parsantium

Here’s the ninth write up which introduces a new PC, Bolval, dwarf cleric of Ninkash, the Beer Goddess.

Following Koh-bar’s tragic death last session, Krivinn, Sharden and Margarita arrive at a river gorge spanned by a huge tree trunk; the hollow tree bridge is scarred by fire. As they approach, the death butterflies swarming on the fallen tree gather into a vaguely humanoid shape, and a half-burned treant lumbers forward.

The treant introduces himself as Ashbark and asks them first for healing potions, then for meat for his friend, Lord Peppick, the Butterfly Lord. 

The party trudge off back into the forest where Sharden manages to bring down a deer with his avenging flame. The adventurers take the deer back to Ashbark who gives it to Lord Peppick. However, when the characters go to cross the bridge the Butterfly Lord tells them they must swear fealty to him first. Sharden agrees and is allowed to pass over to the other side of the gorge, but the others refuse and are not permitted to cross. Fed up with the situation, the pair head upstream and cross the river using ropes.

Reunited, the party continue to the fey door where they encountered the quicklings a few days ago. In the clearing they meet Bolval, a dwarven cleric of Ninkash, who says he went to sleep inside a colourful painted wagon in the forest and found himself in the Feywild when he woke up. 

Krivinn steps inside the hollow tree but nothing happens. When Sharden performs the Fey Roads ritual, he is able to open a doorway to the Fey River Road. The adventurers jump into the fairy ring and find themselves travelling at speed downriver. 

Lady Syllessi the Hearstopper Nixie. Art by Pat Lobokyo.

After hurtling along for some distance, the characters feel themselves slowing down, until they arrive in a marsh next to the riverbank. Here they are attacked by nixies led by Lady Syllessi. Sharden kills one of the fey, then Bolval finishes off a second before Krivinn slays Lady Syllessi. The fourth nixie flees into deep water and escapes. The characters loot the bodies, taking the fey’s aquamarine pendants and the lady’s circlet of authority. Exhausted from their trip and the battle, the adventurers rest.

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Main image by Florian Stitz

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