Empire of the Ghouls Session 18 – The Memorial Feast of Randgrid Ironeyes

In our 18th session, we continued with Chapter 3: The Blood Marriage as the characters travelled through the Northlands from Reaver’s Cave to Huldramose. Here’s the write up which contains spoilers for the campaign.

30th Last Leaf, 92 FY (contd.)

The characters try to surprise the cannibals outside Reaver’s Cave, but unfortunately The Gears’ attempts at stealth go awry and the dwarves are ready for them. After a fierce battle fought in the tunnel and on the beach, the adventurers go back to the jetty. Bubbles climbs aboard the reavers’ boat, triggering the runes that summon a water elemental. Once they’ve dealt with the creature, they scuttle the vessel and return to the Osprey.

4th Rimetrail

The Osprey arrives in Wolfheim. Sigurd sells the captured Grinning Kraken for 4,000 gp, splitting the profits 50-50 with the characters.

7th Rimetrail

Sigurd drops the party off in Marsh Hallow where they hire a skiff to take them to Huldramose. He promises to wait for them in Wolfheim for two months, returning once a week to Marsh Hallow.

Tuli Fireheart by Beatrice Pelagatti

8th Rimetrail

The characters defeat a willowhaunt and help two bearfolk in trouble – Tuli Fireheart and her sister Anga. Louthin and Zygmunt briefly succumb to the undead tree’s evil whispers, but Penumbra and The Gears are able to bring them round. Tuli tells the party they were attacked by a huge white moose that boomed “Ragnarok is coming!” as it charged.

9th Rimetrail

The party and the two bearfolk arrive in Huldramose and are taken to see Queen Thorgerd. Zygmunt tells the queen the party are returning the arms of the fallen Randgrid Ironeyes, and Bubbles mentions the mission to find the Midnight Temple. Queen Thorgerd takes the invitation to the Blood Wedding to give to her witches to see if they can divine the temple’s location. In the meantime, the characters are invited to stay in Huldramose as guests and attend a memorial feast in Randgrid’s honour tomorrow.

10th Rimetrail

The characters take part in contests and tests of skills. Bubbles and Penumbra enter the archery contest; Bubbles scores three bullseyes and is declared the winner. Louthin is runner up to Hafridh Ironeyes in the Crown the Kings contest of strength, and Zygmunt demonstrates his prowess in melee combat. Finally, The Gears takes part in the snake handling event, drinking a foul concoction brewed by the trollkin crones, then handling three venomous snakes. Unfortunately, a fourth one is a snake too far, and the kobold is bitten. He falls unconscious and has a strange vision of the Blood Wedding to come. 

After the contests, the characters eat and drink their fill at the feast, taking part in the boasting competition by relating stories of their adventures (or misadventures in Bubbles’ case).

11th Rimetrail

Next morning, Zygmunt cures everyone’s terrible hangovers as the characters are summoned to an audience with Queen Thorgerd.

The queen asks them to join the Huldra in an attack on a Ragnarok cultist camp 35 miles away. The adventurers agree, but notice the queen is holding something back. Zygmunt persuades Thorgerd to entrust the party with the great secret of Huldramose – that the queens are hiding a World Tree sapling, known as the Two Queen’s Tree, behind an illusion to keep it safe. It seems likely that the Ragnarok cultists have learned of the tree’s existence…

Map by Dice Grimorium: https://www.patreon.com/dicegrimorium

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