Empire of the Ghouls Session 19 – Flight of the Valkyries

Roll20 map showing yeti attacking the characters’ camp in the snow

In our 19th session, we continued with Chapter 3: The Blood Marriage as the characters raided a Ragnarok cultist camp travelled from Huldramose towards the ruins of Nordheim.Here’s the write up which contains spoilers for the campaign.

11th Rimetrail, 92 FY (contd.)

The characters set off for the Ragnarok cultist camp accompanied by Hafridh Ironeyes and the Huldra.

12th Rimetrail

Bubbles and Penumbra creep up the hill to the ring of standing stones where the cultists are camped and attack the white moose they can see from hiding, killing it. When the others climb the hill to join them, the entire party is enveloped in a sleet storm. The characters find their way out of the sleet and attack the reaver dwarf and snow hags. The hags’ deadly icy embrace is too much for Louthin who falls unconscious. With the dwarf disposed of, the adventurers take down two of the hags; the third one escapes.

Map by Jon Pintar

13th Rimetrail

Arriving back in Huldramose, Queen Thorgerd reveals that her diviners have located the Midnight Temple – it lies 300 miles to the northwest in the ruins of Nordheim

The Huldra priests perform a ritual to summon the Valkyries who arrive on their winged wolves. The warrior-maidens agree to take the characters to the borders of Nordheim – going any further is forbidden by Odin himself.

Louthin talks to Queen Thorgerd about the ley lines – he is interested in learning more about their power. 

Valkyrie by Bryan Syme

14th Rimetrail

The Valkyries fly the characters and their Huldra allies northwest. Talking to the warriors, they learn that Nordheim was once the greatest of the dwarven reaver kingdoms and the first to fall. No one knows exactly what happened, but some say the dwarves’ savagery horrified Thor so much he cast them down. Today, the forests around Nordheim are filled with dwarven walking dead. 

15th Rimetrail

That night while camped, a tiny, spindly, doll-like creature appears and offers Bubbles a frozen berry while she’s on watch. Bubbles eats the berry and gives the creature a goodberry in return. The shadow elf has made a new friend which she dubs Chukki.

16th Rimetrail

An abominable yeti attacks the party’s camp while The Gears and Herr Biegen are on watch. The Gears is paralyzed by its chilling gaze, but Herr Biegen bravely charges into melee to defend his master. As the others join the battle, the monster breathes, taking down Louthin and The Gears, and freezing poor Herr Biegen solid. After the yeti has been killed, The Gears thaws out his clockwork servant so he can start fixing him.

17th Rimetrail

In the evening, a pair of imperial ghouls on ghoulsteeds approach the adventurer’s camp. Louthin opens fire with his bow, then battle is joined as the ghouls charge him. Penumbra uses the Holy Robes of Sister Adelind twice to unleash a radiant burst to burn the ghouls. Once the undead have been taken care of, the PCs search the bodies and find an invitation to the Blood Wedding.

18th Rimetrail

The Valkyries bring the characters and the Huldra to the river at the edge of Nordheim’s forest and depart. Chukki leaves too, bestowing the Charm of the Ice Troll on Bubbles before it goes. That evening, The Gears and Zygmunt finish reassembling Herr Biegen.

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