Empire of the Ghouls Session 7 – The Court in Exile

In our eventful seventh session (the first one we played online), we continued with Chapter 2 of Empire of the GhoulsThe Holy Robes of Sister Adelind. Here’s the write up which contains spoilers for the campaign. 

11th Harvest Tide, 92 FY 

The party arrive at the Black Fortress and meet General Jaro Whitebeard. The dwarf identifies the man in the charcoal sketch the characters have found as Archduke Avgost Walerska of Krakova. Jaro tells them that the Court in Exile are hiding in House Kavanto in Kariessen. 

12th Harvest Tide 

The characters set off for Kariessen. The Gears spots movement and Penumbra sends Kalo to investigate. But, by the time the adventurers reach the spot, there is no one there.

13th Harvest Tide 

A chimera attacks the camp at night and attempts to fly off with Louthin in its claws.

16th Harvest Tide

Someone is following the group again. This time, Bubbles sprints towards the figure, a darakhul claiming to be a Krakovan refugee. The characters corner the ghoul spy and kill her. Luckily, Zygmunt is on hand to cure Bubbles’s darakhul fever.

Archduke Avgost
Archduke Avgost

19th Harvest Tide

The adventurers arrive in Kariessen, a small Dornitian city surrounded by a vast refugee camp. Lord Alzano Kavanto, ruler of Kariessen, introduces the characters to the Court in Exile: Queen UrzulaArchduke Avgost, and Zosia Walerska. They learn that the archduke is planning a trip to Jozht to enlist the aid of the reaver dwarves in fighting the Blood Kingdom. 

The party tell the Court of their quest to recover the Holy Robes of Sister Adelind, and recount their exploits. This wins the favour of the Queen and Zosia, and also impresses Lord Kavanto. The queen asks the party to accompany Avgost on his trip to Jozht. Once there, they can visit the Temple of the Shield Maiden and enquire about Sif’s paladins; Zosia gives them a book as a token for the high priestess. The arrogant archduke is unconvinced by the characters will be much help, but agrees. 

23rd Harvest Tide

Archduke Avgost and the party enter the fey road through a door in the castle wall. A night hag gallops past on an undead unicorn. That night, everyone has strange dreams.

24th Harvest Tide

Louthin and Penumbra convince a band of shadow fey to let them pass. Later, when the party is camped, a pair of hounds of the night attack, dragging off one of Avgost’s guards, and nearly killing Bubbles and Louthin.

25th Harvest Tide

The group emerge from the fey road to find themselves in ancient elven ruins in the forest. 

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