Empire of the Ghouls Session 8 – The Stone Galleries

In our eighth session, we continued with Chapter 2 of Empire of the GhoulsThe Holy Robes of Sister Adelind. Here’s the write up which contains spoilers for the campaign. 

25th Harvest Tide, 92 FY

At the Stone Galleries, the adventurers cautiously enter the plaza; Archduke Avgost and his guards remain on the forest road. A basilisk appears from the foliage and turns Ivo, Avgost’s guide, to stone with its gaze.

While the characters are busy dealing with the monster, a group of ghouls led by an imperial officer appears from the woods behind the archduke and attack. The guards Hieron and Izaak are killed, and Avgost is paralysed. The imperial ghoul drags Avgost away but Louthin and Penumbra are able to rescue him while Zygmunt, Bubbles, and The Gears deal with the ghouls. The archduke thanks the pair for saving him; he’s less impressed with The Gears’ meagre attempts at healing magic. 

After a short rest, the characters explore the ruined buildings around the plaza, battling cockatrices in Holda’s temple, and experiencing disconcerting flashbacks to the city’s heyday in the banqueting hall – only Bubbles enjoys these.

The Gears tries to get inside the tower but can’t open the arcane locked doors. Penumbra sends her familiar Kalo to fly up to the balcony. After reports of an open chest with a sword inside, the characters climb up and grab the treasure; Bubbles claims the moonsteel rapier. The Gears finds a tunnel entrance hidden in the overgrown canal bed and has a brief look inside, but decides it’s best not to push his luck. 

26th Harvest Tide 

The characters set off for Jozht. They decide to stick to the wilderness and back country today, and cover 24 miles without running into anyone.

27th Harvest Tide 

Today, the party disguise themselves as merchants and simple artisans, attempting to hide in plain sight. Although they cover another 24 miles, they arouse the suspicions of the locals, and are attacked at night by a necrophage ghast and several zombies.

Stone Galleries map by Jon Pintar

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