Wondrous Locales of the Southlands

I’m very happy to see that Warlock 27: Southlands has been released to Kobold Press Patreon supporters and is now available to buy on the Kobold Press site.

I’ve been writing for Warlock, Kobold Press’ darkly fantastical 5th edition zine-like booklets since the first one and jumped at the chance to contribute to the Southlands issue.

My article, Wondrous Locales of the Southlands, revisits three of my favourite locations from the setting that didn’t make it into the Southlands Worldbook for space reasons. These are the Land of the Ragged, a city of mummies; the Oasis of Figs, a legendary travelling oasis that is harder to leave than it is to enter, and the Restless Prophet, a ginormous camel with a gnoll village on her back. There’s a new location too – the Bones of the Titans, the jungle-covered remains of two fallen titans of Glorious Umbuso that offer characters a chance to recover a powerful divine spark. 

Each location is accompanied by brilliant black and white line art by Karl Waller, original illustrator for Al-Qadim, and the issue also contains two fascinating articles by Southlands Worldbook co-author Basheer Ghose on Southlands occultists and the trollkin of Viper’s Basin.

Cover of Warlock 27, Southlands, showing a mage casting a spell on the temple steps

You can sign up for the Warlock Patreon here to get the booklets in print or PDF roughly every two months, as well as monthly Warlock Lairs in PDF. 

Art by Phil Stone

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