The Slumbering Titan Awakens and Other News

I’ve got a couple of bits of exciting game design news to share with you!

New Southlands Lair

After a long hiatus while I’ve been working on other projects, I’m delighted that I have a new Warlock Lair out. The Slumbering Titan has been released to Kobold Press Patreon supporters and is available to buy on the Kobold Press store. 

The Slumbering Titan is an adventure for 11th level PCs and takes place in the Abandoned Lands in the heart of the Southlands once ruled by the titans of Glorious Umbuso. Expect weird magic, cyclopean ruins, floating palaces and the odd dinosaur! I’ll be working on one or two follow ups to the adventure for Tier 3 characters later this year. 

The Slumbering Titan cover depicting a tower floating over a ruined city

Cities & Towns

Last month I finished working on Campaign Builder: Cities & Towns, the upcoming Kickstarter from Kobold Press. 

Cities & Towns provides a complete toolkit to create, expand, and enhance the cities and towns in your 5th Edition game, whether you are running an established setting or working with an original or homebrew setting. From guilds to temples, and from useful NPCs to wild tables of plots and rumors, Campaign Builder: Cities & Towns strengthens and expands your game’s world immediately.

As a long-time fan of city campaigns and the creator of Parsantium, I jumped at the chance to work on Cities & Towns. I had a great time writing half of the City Inhabitants chapter, covering rulers, noble houses, guilds and other organizations. 

You can listen to me talking to Little Red Dot about the section I wrote on guilds on Kobold Chats.

Other Cool Projects

I also wanted to mention a couple of projects by friends of mine currently on Kickstarter that you might be interested in. I’ve backed both of these and they look great!

Shadow Under Hardflint Hall is a tier 1 adventure compatible with 5th edition, created by JVC Parry with Patrick E. Pullen. It takes characters from 1st to 5th level and is set in the threatened town of Sharpstone and the surrounding region after a devastating earthquake. It’s suitable for DMs and players who are new to 5e, as well as experienced groups. It’s a fast-paced, action-packed adventure with combat, exploration, and roleplay.

Fraternity of Ash is a 4- to 8-hour adventure for 1st to 4th-level characters by MT Black set in the village of Strangelight on the borders of the fey lands. The focus is on exploration and social interaction, but it also features an epic boss battle. This adventure has been thoroughly playtested, requires minimal preparation to run, and can be easily used with any 5th edition campaign. 

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8 thoughts on “The Slumbering Titan Awakens and Other News

  1. I read through the Slumbering Titan Awakens as soon as it hit my email. Such a cool concept while opening up more of the Southlands to discover. The “magical” history of the region creates so many ideas and the monsters are spot on. Can’t wait to run this!

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