Scarlet Citadel Session 17 – Third Time Unlucky

Here’s the write up for our seventeenth Scarlet Citadel session. Hopefully these write ups will prove useful to others running the adventure. 

You can read earlier posts here. This post contains spoilers for Scarlet Citadel.

This was our first session for four weeks as we’d skipped one due to holidays. There were four out of five players this time around – only Cauldvyr was missing. 

We began the session with the burial of the three dead characters – Allia, Dimitar and Torander – in the grounds of the ruins. The three clerics said a few prayers as part of the funeral ceremony, earning inspiration. 

With this sad event out of the way, the party heads back inside the dungeon, going through the Underkeep to level 1 and passing through the oubliette and torture chamber. Determined to stamp out the marauding undead, they decide to (re)explore this level rather than heading straight to level 2 and soon encounter a pack of ghouls in the Holzanger ancestral shrine. 

Battling ghouls in the Holzanger ancestral shrine

Once these foul undead had been dealt with, the characters enter the catacombs where they run into a group of four fearsome wights. It’s not easy for the party to fight effectively in the narrow corridors and they are forced to withdraw when Farthrum falls unconscious and their attempts at turning undead fail. 

After a short rest in the Underkeep, the party heads straight for level 2 via the water torture room. To my considerable amusement, Farthrum couldn’t remember where the pressure plates were on the spiral stairs and they trigger the deadly acid trap for a third time! Maya wedges both pressure plates with iron spikes in the hopes of avoiding a fourth incident in the future. 

They head south from the entrance chamber into the ooze distillery, then Pop the weasel is sent ahead to scout the area beyond – the furnace. This is a room that the original party didn’t explore on their previous forays into this level. 

The characters sneak into the room where they can see Danaska Maksilov writing notes as she studies the mysterious machine in the middle of the chamber while several small winged creatures – ooze mephits – buzz around. 

Deciding she is up to no good, the party launch a surprise attack and we’ll be starting next session by rolling for initiative. I’ve been waiting for this confrontation to happen for many weeks now, so it will be fun to see how it goes!

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