Scarlet Citadel Session 25 – Oozing with Confidence

Here’s what happened in our 25th Scarlet Citadel session, set in Triolo in the Seven Cities, as the characters went on a vampire slaying expedition.

We were two players short again this week so Clairmont, Maya, and Tunde were joined by Tricksy “Three Lives” (formerly “Nine Lives”) MacBagpuss, a river elf arcane trickster from the White Forest.

The characters meet Tricksy in a tavern on the waterfront who agrees to help the group raid the Caerlot Brothers’ warehouse where they believe a vampire to be hiding.

Unfortunately, Tricksy’s attempt to blag his way in doesn’t work and a rethink is needed. Meanwhile, Clairmont and Tunde put the word out that they have loot to sell now that Donaldo Valle is sadly no longer an option.

Maya and Tricksy (in bat form thanks to his magic cloak) head into the sewers to find a way into the warehouse from beneath. They spot a set of steps leading up to a trapdoor but realise there is a giant crocodile lurking in the water, so head back to report.

The next day, the group take it in turns to stake out the warehouse and look for buyers. At night, they return to the warehouse and attack the guards outside the front doors. 

While the fight is still raging, Clairmont drinks a potion of gelatinous form (courtesy of Danaska Maksilov) and oozes under the doors. Unaware he is not alone in the warehouse, he changes back into human form so he can lift the bar on the doors, but is soon attacked by the vampire and his two thralls. The vampire bites Clairmont and drains his blood, causing him to fall unconscious. 

Vampire Slaying

By this time, the others have finished off the guards and got the doors open. Tunde heals Clairmont, Tricksy casts fog cloud, and the characters make good their escape. 

Worried that the vampire might come after them they go to the War Temple of Mavros and claim sanctuary. 

On the following day, they return to the warehouse. Tricksy successfully intimidates the guards outside into leaving their post. This time, Clairmont and Maya drink potions and ooze under the doors. Inside, they watch the two thralls packing crates. After failing to change back into human form they ooze back out, climb the walls, and then slip back in under the eaves. Once they’ve spotted a trapdoor in the floor, they leave to plan the party’s next move. 

The characters decide that they will take on the giant crocodile and enter via the trapdoor next session…

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Main image by David Auden Nash

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