Dungeon23 – The Hall of Monkeys

This week I continued filling out last week’s map – it seemed a shame to leave all that blank space at the top! I’m pleased I’ve managed to keep this going for 13 weeks/3 months, but now feels like a good time to take a break from Dungeon23, at least until I’ve finished my currentContinue reading “Dungeon23 – The Hall of Monkeys”

Dungeon23 – Haunted Halls of Hanuman

For Week 12 of #Dungeon23, I drew a map showing the area to the west of the Catacombs of the Monkey God. Now I need to decide whether to fill the space in the top part of the map or start a new one…. Room Descriptions 78. Ancient statue of Hanuman the Monkey God, nearlyContinue reading “Dungeon23 – Haunted Halls of Hanuman”

Dungeon23 – Hidden Hallways of the Gang Wars

For Week 11 of #Dungeon23, I filled out the rest of the map I drew last week. It’s been fun to connect two of the earlier maps, so I’m planning on doing the same next week and exploring what lies to the west of the Catacombs of the Monkey God. Room Descriptions 71. Trapped corridor.Continue reading “Dungeon23 – Hidden Hallways of the Gang Wars”

Dungeon23 – The Artificer’s Abandoned Workshop

For Week 10 of #Dungeon23, I’ve drawn the sewer map that connects the very first map I did with The Lamplighters’ Bolt-hole. There’s quite a bit of space left on the page so I’m thinking I might continue with the same map for Week 11 if I can decide what to do with the key.Continue reading “Dungeon23 – The Artificer’s Abandoned Workshop”

Dungeon23 – Cannibal Caverns of the Gorger

For Week 9 of #Dungeon23, I decided to draw the ghoul-infested caves and catacombs to the east of the Charnel Pit of the Restless Dead. To make sure I got the geography right and avoid any more schoolboy errors, I had a go at drawing an isometric map of Weeks 1 – 9. I’ll addContinue reading “Dungeon23 – Cannibal Caverns of the Gorger”

Dungeon23 – Cult Temple of the Moon Goddess

This week’s map is located between The Lamplighters’ Bolt-hole and the Charnel Pit of the Restless Dead, so the numbering may seem a bit confusing. Still pondering what to draw next week, but more caves and tunnels could be fun…. Room Descriptions 50. Spiral stairs from [42] lead down into this room with four doors.Continue reading “Dungeon23 – Cult Temple of the Moon Goddess”

Dungeon23 – Charnel Pit of the Restless Dead

This week’s dungeon lies two levels beneath the Lamplighters’ Bolt-hole, and can be accessed via the collapsing stairs in Room 42. The reason it’s two levels below and not just one is that I forgotten about the deep pit I’d put in Room 40! Luckily this gives me a perfect opportunity to add a sublevelContinue reading “Dungeon23 – Charnel Pit of the Restless Dead”

Dungeon23 – The Lamplighters’ Bolt-hole

In Week 6 of Dungeon23, I returned to the sewer level just below Parsantium’s city streets with an area located just to the west of Week 1’s map. Heading down the spiral stairs in Room 42 is a tempting option for next week…. Room Descriptions 36. A sewer worker in the brown uniform of theContinue reading “Dungeon23 – The Lamplighters’ Bolt-hole”

Dungeon23 – Flooded Caverns of the Fish-Folk

For Week 5 of Dungeon23, we’ve reached the bottom of the well (Room 11) and arrived in a series of flooded caverns occupied by google-eyed fish-folk and something sinister with tentacles. As Creighton Broadhurst says, everything is better with tentacles. For next week, I’m thinking about drawing some rooms that connect up with the sewers weContinue reading “Dungeon23 – Flooded Caverns of the Fish-Folk”

Dungeon23 – Domain of the Dark Naga

For Week 4 of Dungeon23, we’ve descended the stairs from Room 20 in the Caverns of the Heart Eaters to a series of ancient rooms and passageways dating back to the founding of Dhak Janjua, now home to Bhadravai, a dark naga. As I write this, I’m pondering whether to continue going down to the flooded caverns belowContinue reading “Dungeon23 – Domain of the Dark Naga”