Tyranny of Dragons Session 6 – Baldur’s Gate

Tyranny of Dragons was the first full D&D 5e campaign I ran, starting back in 2015. Here’s the write up from the sixth session. Murder in Baldur’s Gate, originally published for D&D Next, came in very handy for fleshing out the city as the characters had some downtime and pursued personal goals.

Begin here with Session 1 – Greenest in Flames.

25th Mirtul, 1490 DR

The characters dock at the Gray Harbour and make their way through the Lower City of Baldur’s Gate. En route they see graffiti daubed on buildings reading “Down with the Patriars” and “Extinguish the Flaming Fist!” and observe the Flaming Fist dishing out some rough treatment to foreign workers from the Outer City.  Arriving in Blackgate, outside the city walls to the northwest, they make contact with Ackyn Selebon as per their instructions from Ontharr Frume. They rent rooms at the Dozing Dwarf boarding house – Gwastdyn is very particular about cleanliness and inspects several rooms before finding one that’s acceptable. Even then, Turin has to clean it over and over with a cantrip before the dwarf is satisfied.

26th Mirtul

Crake goes to the Outer City district of Stonyeyes to see his old gang. On the way, he witnesses the dwarf toll collector Nant Thangol and the Flaming Fist charging extra “fees” to people leaving via the Basilisk Gate. Maggers and Robin tell him that Rilsa Rael of the Guild has ordered Crozier’s Gang to rob Thangol’s daily take – can Crake’s new friends help? Crake spends the night at the gang’s HQ.

Turin and Gwastdyn go to the Wide. The dwarf is looking for fresh, clean linens for his bed, while the elf seeks his old admirer, the moon elf merchant Edhelri Lewel. Sadly, Edhelri’s jewellery business is in the doldrums – after rebuffing the advances of the lecherous Bailiff of the Wide, her stall has been moved next to the privy tents! Turin spins a yarn to the Bailiff about a group of influential noble ladies who have been demanding that Edhelri’s stall is restored to its original pitch – this fools the official and he agrees to the bard’s request.

Rosie visits the Low Lantern down at the harbour and asks around about her old mutinous shipmates from the Merman’s Cock. Her enquiries lead her back to Blackgate where she meets Borstig Bigbelly of the Zhentarim – the faction are also interested in the Cult of the Dragon. Bigbelly suggests Rosie hire on with a caravan heading north; an agent will join at Daggerford. He also warns her Ackyn Selebon has “trouble coming”, and tells her to check out the “sign of the fox”.

Ug is keen to find out more about the goddess Mystra and goes to the magic shop Sorcerous Sundries where he talks to Rivalen Blackhand, wizard in residence. After babbling on about Mystra for a while, Blackhand suggests Ug visit the House of Wonder in Waterdeep’s Sea Ward and find out more about Mystra’s paladins, the Knights of Mystic Fire. Afterwards, Ug goes to the Shrine of Suffering to pay his respects to Ilmater.

27th Mirtul

As the characters meet up to discuss whether or not to get involved in robbing tax collectors, they spot a group of dodgy-looking characters heading for Selebon’s yard. This is a group of Guild thugs led by infamous Fruward the Nail who have come to kill Selebon for allegedly spying for the Flaming Fist. Rosie and Crake are wary of getting involved so hang back – the warlock turns invisible and sets fire to a thatched roof to cause a distraction while Crake attacks from hiding. Meanwhile, Ug, Turin and Gwastdyn (wildshaped as a lion) get stuck in, killing Fruward and capturing four of the thugs. While Crake remains outside, the other characters question their captives and agree to let them go once they’ve convinced them that Selebon isn’t a Fist spy. The Guild thugs hastily back away.

Turin visits the Wide and finds a very happy Edhelri back in her old pitch; he buys a nice necklace for Rosie. Crake returns to Stonyeyes and tells Maggers and Robin that the party are willing to carry out the robbery that night.

The characters scout the route Thangol takes from the Basilisk Gate and set up their ambush. As the toll collector’s party approaches, they strike. Turin casts sleep which takes care of Thangol, the two porters and one lamp lad, as Gwastdyn goes into melee in bear form with the Flaming Fist guards. Rosie and Crake attack from the rooftops, killing two Flaming Fist soldiers. Maggers and Robin grab the cashbox as Turin’s dissonant whispers send the Flaming Fist Manip (sergeant) running. Ug, who has not taken part, lets him pass. With their mission accomplished, the characters flee the scene.

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Tiamat image by Michael Komarck

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