Welcome to the Southlands!

Huzzah! I am incredibly excited that Southlands, the biggest freelance game design project I’ve worked on, is now available to buy in print & PDF from Kobold Press.

I started working on the Southlands Worldbook in August 2019, beginning with the High Jungles, Kingdoms of Salt and Steel, and Corsair Coast chapters. My brief was to revise and expand the excellent material written for the original Southlands Campaign Setting by Ben McFarland, Brian Suskind and others, updating it for D&D 5th Edition, advancing the timeline by 10 years, and adding as many new adventure hooks and locations as I could.

After completing the first three chapters of the Southlands Worldbook, I went on to write five more, as well as new magical items and monsters, and subclasses and backgrounds for the Southlands Player’s Guide. As lead designer on the Worldbook, I worked closely with editor Kim Mohan, cartographer Anna Meyer, and the rest of the team to make sure the whole book fitted together.

I had a brilliant time working on Southlands alongside talented fellow designers Basheer Ghose, Kelly Pawlik, and, of course, Kobold-in-Chief Wolfgang Baur. I hope you all enjoy playing D&D campaigns in the Southlands as much as I’ve enjoyed writing about it!

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