Scarlet Citadel Session 30 – An Ignominious Retreat

Here’s what happened in our 30th Scarlet Citadel session, in which the adventurers came under attack from the trollkin living in the dwarven barracks on Level 3.

You can read earlier posts here. This post contains spoilers for Scarlet Citadel.

As the second wave of trollkin and undead lich hounds emerge from Tricksy’s fog cloud, the characters launch their readied attacks. Maya casts spirit guardians which proves very effective, and the adventurers look to be gaining the upper hand when a third wave of enemies appears. Then, Maya goes down and the spirit guardians vanish. Hard pressed, the others heal Maya and flee for the stairs, leaving her behind and incapacitated.

Maya in Trouble

Clairmont kills the trollkin shaman Giydya with toll the dead, but shortly afterwards he, Farthrum, and Tunde all go unconscious. Tricksy pours a potion of healing down Tunde’s throat to bring her round. The witch revives the others, but by this time four out of five PCs are down to single digit hit points. 

Tricksy drinks Maksilov’s potion of invulnerability, but is taken down by a lich hound as he lures it away from the others by withdrawing up the stairs. Meanwhile, Maya is trapped behind enemy lines. She gets rid of the lich hound, heals herself, casts a second spirit guardians and moves forward to help her teammates.  

Maya to the Rescue

Despite their dire situation – I thought a second TPK was looking extremely likely – the group somehow survive with Maya saving the day. Only one badly wounded lich hound and a single trollkin grunt are left standing. The hound vanishes and the grunt runs, allowing the characters to limp up the stairs to Level 2. They peer into the summoning chamber, noting that the ankylosaurus is fast asleep after overindulging on olives. 

One of the clerics casts prayer of healing but Tricksy doesn’t feel any better – Maksilov’s experimental potion seems to prevent him from benefitting from healing magic. Clairmont casts alarm at the top of the stairs and the party get ready to take a short rest.

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Main image by David Auden Nash

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