Tome of Beasts 3 and More Game Design News

Three projects I’ve worked on in the past year or so have been released in the past week, and I’m thrilled at how they’ve turned out. I hope you enjoy using these books in your game as much as I enjoyed writing them.

First, Tome of Beasts 3 is available to buy in PDF from Drivethrurpg and looks fantastic. I wrote 23 of the monsters that appear in the book during the course of 2021, so I was very excited to see how the finished creatures looked. I’m absolutely blown away by the art – the team did an amazing job bringing my monsters to life. I can’t wait to see the printed book when my copy arrives!

The monsters I created included two powerful fey lords and ladies (the Coral Queen and the Rainforest King, both CR 21), the divs and the peris (minor genies who are bitter enemies), three rakshasas (the CR 22 multi-headed fiend lord Abhaddanayla, the CR 9 rakshasa slayer, and the CR 5 pustakam rakshasa which can disguise itself as a book), and the freakish ley wanderer (a huge floating aberration that feeds on magical energy) and gigantura (a bug eyed aquatic monstrosity).

Released alongside the monster collection, Tome of Beasts 3 Lairs contains 23 standalone adventures using monsters from TOB3. I wrote Rainforest Reckoning, a fey-themed adventure set in a jungle clearing that fits perfectly in the Southlands, and featuring the aziza and rainforest ogre, two other creatures I contributed to TOB3, and several favourites from the other designers. As always, Jon Pintar, has produced stunning full colour maps for each adventure.

Finally, Secrets of the Serpentine Codex, my second Tier 3 Warlock Lair, set in the Southlands, has been released on the Kobold Press store. Designed for 12th level characters, it’s a follow up to The Slumbering Titan which came out earlier this year, but works as a standalone adventure too. It starts in one of my favourite Southlands locations – the Scroll Market of Lignas Proper – then heads to a mysterious ruin in the Olu Jungle. I’m planning a third and final instalment for next year.

I also wanted to mention the latest Kickstarter from Jeff Stevens Games. A while ago, I contributed to the Potbellied Kobold’s Guide to Villains and Lairs, a book of 30 interesting villains ready to be dropped into your game.

Now, Jeff is kickstarting a Roll20 version. Lots of great designers worked on this project including Ed Greenwood, Anthony Joyce-Rivera, Alan Patrick and Ginny Loveday, and it’s well worth checking out.

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2 thoughts on “Tome of Beasts 3 and More Game Design News

  1. The ToB3 is easily my favorite Kobold Press Beastiary. Their stuff is always good, but the quality of the monsters, the art, the mechanics are so good! I’ve found a lot of monster resources have a lot of fluff creatures, but when I paged through it, so many great creature designs including yours, RG! It’s so fun to throw creatures at PCs that they have never seen and have to figure out how to deal with them.


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