20 Parsantine Trinkets

Parsantium's Temple Ward by Matt Morrow

Rolling or choosing a trinket is one of my favourite bits of creating a new 5th edition character. Here are 20 trinkets with a Parsantine twist to supplement those in the Player’s Handbook. My vanara cleric, Kamalesh, rolled 13 on this table, and this item (which turned out to hold a vital organ of a key NPC) went on to play a big role in our party’s adventures.

Floral star
  1. A small painted wooden icon depicting St Carinus administering to the poor; it glows faintly.
  2. A pair of bone Hazard dice; the sixes are replaced with an elephant’s head.
  3. A felt cap, embroidered with the emblem of the Guild of Carpenters and Joiners in gold thread.
  4. A red ornamental bindi spangle, decorated with gold.
  5. Three pages of a near-illegible early draft of Iancu Petronas’s latest play, yet to be performed in public.
  6. A gnoll fetish made from a meerkat skull and vulture feathers, bound together with strips of leather.
  7. A blue and white glass eye-shaped amulet to ward off the Evil Eye.
  8. An Urskovian carved wooden figurine of a bear.
  9. An ancient silver rupee with the Rajah Vrishabha’s head on one side and the great stone bridges over the Dolphin Strait on the reverse.
  10. A cloth bag full of brightly-coloured tesserae (mosaic pieces).
  11. A curse written on a folded lead sheet and studded with nails, with a blank space for the name of the victim.
  12. A worn leatherbound history of the Bathuran Empire with a blue lotus flower pressed between its pages.
  13. A small silver box that cannot be opened, with a faint inscription in an unknown language.
  14. A sketch map showing the hidden vaults underneath a noble house’s mansion in the Imperial Quarter.
  15. A clockwork soldier made by the toymaker Skorrif of Wondrous Things; its sword is very sharp and it’s easy to cut yourself when winding up the toy.
  16. A six inch by four inch pattered rug which floats a foot off the ground when unrolled.
  17. A four inch tall blue stone statuette of a monkey sitting in the lotus position.
  18. A letter of acceptance to the Scholasticia, Parsantium’s university.
  19. The autograph of a leading chariot driver for the Greens scribbled on the back of a bill of sale.
  20. A little cloth bag holding six pink rowan berries from the Feyshore Forest (as goodberry, but these do not lose their potency).

Main image by Matt Morrow

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