Game Design News – The Picaroon Peninsula 5e

Good things come to those who wait…. Back in 2015 and 2016 I wrote four villages for Raging Swan Press’ Village Backdrops series for Pathfinder 1st edition: Black Wyvern, Red Talon, Revenge, and Sea Bitch. Each village was founded by a pirate captain and crew, and named after their vessel, hence the colourful names –Continue reading “Game Design News – The Picaroon Peninsula 5e”

Designing Monsters for Tome of Beasts III

Back in my post on My Year in TTRPG Gaming, I said I’d been working on some exciting stuff for Kobold Press which had yet to be announced. Well, the catoblepas is now out of the bag of tricks!  Since May last year I have been hard at work designing monsters for Tome of BeastsContinue reading “Designing Monsters for Tome of Beasts III”

Potbellied Kobold’s Guide to Villains & Lairs

I’m excited to share the news that I’m part of the Potbellied Kobold’s Guide to Villains & Lairs, the latest Kickstarter from Jeff Stevens Games. This is a super useful book for your D&D game, containing 30 villainous NPCs and 10 unique lairs to include in your next adventure. I had a lot of funContinue reading “Potbellied Kobold’s Guide to Villains & Lairs”

House Hunter for D&D 5e

Many years ago, I ran The Vanishing Village by Marcus Rowland from Dungeon #19 for my wife Kate. Or rather, I attempted to run it. Her player character took one look at the suspiciously empty small village and decided to give it a wide berth. Every so often in the months (and years!) that followedContinue reading “House Hunter for D&D 5e”

Old Quarter Commoner 5e Background

Here’s a 5e Old Quarter Commoner background for Parsantium: City at the Crossroads. OLD QUARTER COMMONER You come from a poor family struggling to make ends meet in the Dock Ward or Poor Ward of the Old Quarter. You might be a Sampuran belonging to the shudra caste, a half-orc or an Aqhrani. Either way, you toil awayContinue reading “Old Quarter Commoner 5e Background”

Bureaucrat 5e Background

Here’s a 5e Bureaucrat background for Parsantium: City at the Crossroads. BUREAUCRAT You have served in Parsantium’s vast and complex bureaucracy as one of the “beardless”, a junior civil servant. If male, you may be a eunuch, born to a poor family who handed you over to the authorities for schooling in return for a well-paid government jobContinue reading “Bureaucrat 5e Background”

Gladiator 5e Background

Here’s a 5e Gladiator background for Parsantium: City at the Crossroads. GLADIATOR You have fought many times on the sands of the Hippodrome to entertain the crowds, killing and maiming wild beasts and your fellow gladiators for money and glory. You were either raised from an early age to fight in the stadium, were sent thereContinue reading “Gladiator 5e Background”