Oracle of War: The Final Tribute

I’m very excited to report that my second adventure for the D&D Adventurers League Oracle of War campaign, DDAL-EB-17 The Final Tribute, was published on the DMs Guild yesterday and is already a Copper Seller!

The Final Tribute is a Tier 4 Eberron adventure optimised for 17th level player characters and set in the plague-ridden town of New Cyre. It’s a murder mystery filled with political intrigue that culminates in an huge fight against fearsome opponents.

I had a blast writing and playtesting the adventure with the players in my regular Oracle of War campaign. At the time my group had just completed MT Black’s EB-04 The Third Protocol so I had them bump their 4th level characters up to 17th for the playtest and let them pick magic items (and dinosaurs!) from the rewards available in the later adventures. We had a great time playing The Final Tribute with lots of crazy shenanigans, and I hope you do too!

You can buy EB-17 The Final Tribute on the DMs Guild. As always, Sean Thornton-Mills has produced a set of stunning VTT maps to go with the adventure which you can find here.

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