2021: My Year in TTRPG Gaming

This year has been another tough one for everyone. Playing and writing for D&D has been a big help in getting me through it, so I thought I should write a blog post looking back at some of the fun things that I’ve been up to. On 2nd January, the Southlands Kickstarter ended, with anContinue reading “2021: My Year in TTRPG Gaming”

Oracle of War: The Final Tribute

I’m very excited to report that my second adventure for the D&D Adventurers League Oracle of War campaign, DDAL-EB-17 The Final Tribute, was published on the DMs Guild yesterday and is already a Copper Seller! The Final Tribute is a Tier 4 Eberron adventure optimised for 17th level player characters and set in the plague-riddenContinue reading “Oracle of War: The Final Tribute”