2022: My Year in TTRPG Gaming

This year has been a busy one in terms of both game design projects and playing RPGs, so I thought it would be good to write about a few of my highlights. Back in January, the Tome of Beasts 3 Kickstarter launched and went on to raise an amazing $767,501 from 9,438 backers. I contributedContinue reading “2022: My Year in TTRPG Gaming”

Tome of Beasts 3 and More Game Design News

Three projects I’ve worked on in the past year or so have been released in the past week, and I’m thrilled at how they’ve turned out. I hope you enjoy using these books in your game as much as I enjoyed writing them. First, Tome of Beasts 3 is available to buy in PDF fromContinue reading “Tome of Beasts 3 and More Game Design News”

Designing Monsters for Tome of Beasts III

Back in my post on My Year in TTRPG Gaming, I said I’d been working on some exciting stuff for Kobold Press which had yet to be announced. Well, the catoblepas is now out of the bag of tricks!  Since May last year I have been hard at work designing monsters for Tome of BeastsContinue reading “Designing Monsters for Tome of Beasts III”