Dungeon23 – Return to Parsantium

Like quite a few other people, I’ve decided to take part in #Dungeon23, creating a megadungeon by completing a room each day during 2023. I’ve been thinking for a while that I wanted to write some new material for Parsantium and this seemed like the perfect way to do it.

The dungeon I am building is part of Parsantium’s Hidden Quarter, the vast network of sewers, catacombs, ancient chambers and tunnels beneath the city streets, inhabited by criminal gangs, evil cults, and loathsome monsters. 

I’ve no idea how long I’ll be able to keep this up for, but I’ve managed to complete the first seven rooms, dating back to the earliest days of the city when it was known as Dhak Janjua and under the tyrannical rulership of Vrishabha, its rakshasa rajah. The priests of Hanuman the Monkey God led the opposition to Vrishabha and were forced underground – these chambers were some of their secret meeting places. 

Aside from this loose theme, I am very much creating this as I go along and am interested to see where it goes next! Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

Room descriptions and hand drawn map in a notebook, depicting sewers and the first 7 rooms of the dungeon.
Rooms 1 – 7

Room Descriptions

  1. Bricked up archway from sewer tunnel has collapsed. Corpse of a sewer worker lies on the floor of the room, left there by the choker that lurks between the archway and the ceiling to lure its next victim.
  2. Ancient carvings of monkeys dating back to Dhak Janjua decorate the corridor walls. A headless statue of Hanuman the Monkey God stands in the centre of this chamber.
  3. Long out of date partial map of the Hidden Quarter is scrawled on the south wall in chalk. A monkey symbol is marked beneath it.
  4. Opening in floor leading down into darkness. Two shadowhunter bats fly out of the hole to attack intruders.
  5. Skeleton of a small monkey lying on floor, clutching a copper bangle engraved with fire symbols.
  6. Stairs down to lower level. Small niches on north wall once held candles; dust & puddled wax.
  7. Slippery wooden bridge across sewer channel (DC 10 Dex save). Ghoul crocodile lurks in the sewage, ready to attack anyone crossing. Treasure: +1 spear lies buried in the muck.

You can follow the project each day on Twitter and Mastodon, and I’ll post an update here each week too, so please do join my mailing list if you’re interested. There’s a sign up form on the home page and subscribers receive a free Parsantium supplement

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Main image by Jonathan Roberts

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