Dungeon23 – Flooded Caverns of the Fish-Folk

For Week 5 of Dungeon23, we’ve reached the bottom of the well (Room 11) and arrived in a series of flooded caverns occupied by google-eyed fish-folk and something sinister with tentacles. As Creighton Broadhurst says, everything is better with tentacles. For next week, I’m thinking about drawing some rooms that connect up with the sewers weContinue reading “Dungeon23 – Flooded Caverns of the Fish-Folk”

Dungeon23 – Domain of the Dark Naga

For Week 4 of Dungeon23, we’ve descended the stairs from Room 20 in the Caverns of the Heart Eaters to a series of ancient rooms and passageways dating back to the founding of Dhak Janjua, now home to Bhadravai, a dark naga. As I write this, I’m pondering whether to continue going down to the flooded caverns belowContinue reading “Dungeon23 – Domain of the Dark Naga”

Dungeon23 – Caverns of the Heart Eaters

For Week 3 of Dungeon23, we’ve descended part-way down the well in Room 11 in the Catacombs of the Monkey God to a dank series of caverns inhabited by horrific monsters that feed on the hearts of living creatures. Will the stairs down revealed on this week’s map lead somewhere near the bottom of the well orContinue reading “Dungeon23 – Caverns of the Heart Eaters”

Dungeon23 – Catacombs of the Monkey God

For Week 2 of Dungeon23, I decided to head downstairs from Room 6 to the Catacombs of the Monkey God, the secret refuge of the priests of Hanuman hiding from the forces of Dhak Janjua’s evil rajah. As I write this, I’m still pondering whether to continue adding descriptions to the map below or toContinue reading “Dungeon23 – Catacombs of the Monkey God”

Dungeon23 – Return to Parsantium

Like quite a few other people, I’ve decided to take part in #Dungeon23, creating a megadungeon by completing a room each day during 2023. I’ve been thinking for a while that I wanted to write some new material for Parsantium and this seemed like the perfect way to do it. The dungeon I am buildingContinue reading “Dungeon23 – Return to Parsantium”