Scarlet Citadel Session 34 – The Secret Spiral Staircase

Last session the adventurers returned to Redtower following their trials and tribulations in the Scarlet Citadel. Here’s what happened next. Tricksy the elf rogue was back this week but Farthrum the gearforged fighter was absent.

You can read earlier posts here. This post contains spoilers for Scarlet Citadel.

Back in Redtower, the adventurers recover from their recent trip to the Scarlet Citadel, then visit Zula and purchase five potions of healing each. They are keen to buy more, but the witch is having trouble keeping up with demand from her best customers.

Returning to the Scarlet Citadel, they are relieved to find the ruins unguarded by dwarves or anything else. As usual, they enter Level 1 of the dungeon through the staircase in the old owlbear nest. This time, they decide to confront the ogrepede rather than avoiding combat with the undead monstrosity. 

You shall not pass!

The heavily armoured Clairmont casts sanctuary on himself and takes the Dodge action, protecting the rest of the group from the brunt of the ogrepede’s attacks. Tunde delivers the killing blow with her eldritch blast and Maya sprinkles holy water over the grotesque corpse in the hope that it won’t return to unlife.


On Level 2, the characters run into a pair of patrolling lich hounds. Clairmont is pulled over and his guts are ripped open, causing him to fall unconscious, but the party manage to defeat the hounds. They continue heading down to the Dwarven Barracks on Level 3.

Tricksy sends his owl familiar, Professor Yaffle, ahead into the darkness, only for the hapless creature to be shot dead with a trollkin arrow. The characters move forward and the two trollkin grunts make a run for it – one goes north and the other goes south. As the adventurers pursue, a dire owbear appears from the south, while a lich hound attacks from the north. Clairmont is pulled over again and incapacitated, while Maya falls unconscious, but the characters prevail. 

The party discover a brand new room

No longer under attack, Tricksy turns into a bat using his magical cloak, and flies up the spiral staircase in the entrance hall, discovering the secret exit to the woods outside at the stop. At last, the adventurers have a route down to Level 3 that bypasses the undead on Level 1 and the weird goings-on on Level 2!

Tunde casts prayer of healing to restore the party’s strength before they make their next move… 

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Main image by David Auden Nash

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