Dungeon23 – Cult Temple of the Moon Goddess

This week’s map is located between The Lamplighters’ Bolt-hole and the Charnel Pit of the Restless Dead, so the numbering may seem a bit confusing.

Still pondering what to draw next week, but more caves and tunnels could be fun….

Rooms 50 – 56

Room Descriptions

50. Spiral stairs from [42] lead down into this room with four doors. Northern door is marked with crescent moon symbol of the goddess Hekebet in white paint. Stairs continue down to [43]

51. Piles of rubble are strewn in the middle of the floor where part of the floor above [40] has collapsed. Pillars carved with cavorting skeletons hold up what’s left of the ceiling. A skitterhaunt (ToB) living inside the exoskeleton of a giant scorpion scuttles among the debris.

52. Cultist living quarters. Home to six cultists of Hekebet, there will usually be 1d3 in here, sleeping or resting on simple cots. The cultists wear hooded midnight blue robes decorated with silver occult symbols, and wield curved daggers.

53. Cult leader’s quarters. This chamber is occupied by Cleofa Thamar, a cult fanatic with long jet black hair and a pale complexion. Cleofa sleeps on a four poster bed with midnight blue curtains. A locked chest (DC 15 to open) holds her treasure: 600 sp, 175 gp, scrolls of augury, bestow curse, & speak with dead.

54. Temple of Hekebet. Crescent moon shaped dais with blood stained altar. Hole in the floor for disposing of sacrifices – drops down to [44] below. Statue of the goddess. There are usually 1d6 cultists in here.

55. Magic circle inscribed on the floor in chalk. Black candles burn at the points of the pentagram inside. The circle holds a trapped lunar devil (ToB) summoned by Cleofa using a scroll. The devil tries to trick the PCs into breaking the circle and releasing it.

56. A half-orc sewer worker named Ozam is being kept prisoner here, to be sacrificed to Hekebet at the next new moon. Ozam is suffering from exhaustion and is terrified.

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Main image by Jonathan Roberts

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