Dungeon23 – Charnel Pit of the Restless Dead

This week’s dungeon lies two levels beneath the Lamplighters’ Bolt-hole, and can be accessed via the collapsing stairs in Room 42. The reason it’s two levels below and not just one is that I forgotten about the deep pit I’d put in Room 40! Luckily this gives me a perfect opportunity to add a sublevel between the two next week…

Rooms 43 – 49

Room Descriptions

43. Ancient burial chambers dating back to the days of Dhak Janjua. The stone doors of each chamber have been broken into & their contents looted many years ago. Room [e] still has a body – a wight wearing a gold funeral mask worth 600 gp.

44. Charnel pit filled to overflowing with the remains of the dead. Some are more recent corpses of adventurers. 2d6 skeletons can be encountered here. PCs searching the charnel pit succeeding on a DC 15 Investigation check find a random trinket or 1d6 gp.

45. Long corridor lined with niches – each contains a skull topped with a burning candle. Entrances to the ghoul warrens to the east. 1d4 + 1 ghouls wander the corridor.

46. Dais with a part-assembled skeletal colossus. Two wights in hooded robes are puzzling over the bones.

47. Long corridor lined with niches as [45] but all are intact. The two northernmost niches contain statues of skeletal figures in hooded robes, holding scythes. The scythe can he removed from the eastern statue and is a +1 magic weapon that inflicts an extra 1d6 necrotic damage once per round.

48. Secret door (DC 18 to find) leads into a dusty chamber guarded by a necrophidius. Bookcase holding a dozen blasphemous tomes of necromancy, worth 1500 gp to sinister scholars & collectors.

49. Dozens of canopic jars fill the floor. If opened they release toxic gas in a 10’ cloud. DC 17 Con save or become poisoned for 1 hour. Four of the jars are made from alabaster and have animal heads as lids – each is worth 200 gp.

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Main image by Jonathan Roberts

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