Dungeon23 – Haunted Halls of Hanuman

For Week 12 of #Dungeon23, I drew a map showing the area to the west of the Catacombs of the Monkey God.

Now I need to decide whether to fill the space in the top part of the map or start a new one….

Rooms 78 – 84

Room Descriptions

78. Ancient statue of Hanuman the Monkey God, nearly 20’ tall, under a domed ceiling. If anyone enters the hall without bowing to the statue, its stone tail glows bright red, then launches a fire bolt at the disrespectful visitor, +8 to hit, 2d10 fire damage.

79. Long hallway decorated with faded frescoes depicting Hanuman’s many adventures. A fearsome dvarapala (CC) guards the double doors leading to the temple, brandishing a large bronze mace.

80. Temple of Hanuman. The side door can only be opened by a priest of Hanuman or a PC wearing the Monkey God’s holy symbol. Inside, the temple is lit by four braziers burning with purple continual flames. A large statue of Hanuman stands in the centre of the inner sanctum. One of its hands has a hole in it as if it once held something.

81. Priest’s quarters, haunted by Johar, the ghost of a priest of the Monkey God who is overwhelmed with guilt at allowing the rajah’s men to defile the temple. He can be laid to rest if the gold gada stolen from Hanuman’s statue is restored to its hand or replaced with an identical gold club worth 500 gp or more. Before he vanishes, Johar blesses the PCs, granting each the ability to succeed on a single saving throw they have failed.

Room 82. Robing room. A few threadbare scraps of cloth among the debris are all that has survived from the priest’s robes.

Room 83. Storage room. Ransacked centuries ago, this room is filled with remains of broken crates and barrels. Bronze holy symbol of Hanuman can be found among the rubbish with a DC 17 check.

Room 84. Desecrated shrine. Smashed remains of a statue of Hanuman lie on the floor – the head is missing. A darkling elder and 3 darklings are searching the debris. They flee if disturbed.

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Main image by Jonathan Roberts

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