Dungeon23 – Catacombs of the Monkey God

For Week 2 of Dungeon23, I decided to head downstairs from Room 6 to the Catacombs of the Monkey God, the secret refuge of the priests of Hanuman hiding from the forces of Dhak Janjua’s evil rajah.

As I write this, I’m still pondering whether to continue adding descriptions to the map below or to move onto an adjoining section. Either way, I’m having a lot of fun detailing some of Parsantium’s Hidden Quarter!

Room descriptions and hand drawn dungeon map in notebook.
Rooms 8 – 14

Room Descriptions

8. Stairs from [6] lead down to hallway decorated with scorched and faded frescos depicting Hanuman outwitting Ravana, Lord of the Rakshasas. The ghost of Dharya, a long dead priest of Hanuman, haunts this area.

9. Priests’ quarters, ransacked by the rajah’s raiders. Dust, broken furniture, other debris. The ghost of Dharya will follow PCs down the corridor & wait outside [d]. Loose stone in SW corner (DC 15 to find) conceals hidden compartment with sealed scroll tube, with monkey symbol in wax – a message Dharya failed to deliver in life to his daughter Sumati.

10. Dormitory for the acolytes. Broken & partially collapsed bunk beds. A quartet of chittering zoogs lap at a pool of rancid blood on the floor. They scatter if interrupted.

11. Bronze double doors carved with the face of Hanuman. Well in the centre of the room, 100’ deep, with 30’ water at the bottom. Bucket on chain holds brass key, can be used to cast knock spell (one use only).

12. Armoury. Empty weapon racks line the walls. Lopsided table with a broken leg stands in the centre of the room. A broken arrow with bright blue feathers lies on the floor.  

13. Refectory. Tables & benches. “A curse on the rajah!” has been carved into a bench in Sampuran.    

14. Library. Dusty, empty bookshelves. Only one book remains – an ancient tome with a grinning tiger’s face on the cover. This is a pustakam rakshasa (TOB3), slain in the raid on the catacombs centuries ago & reincarnated in this inferior form.    

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Main image by Jonathan Roberts

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