Tyranny of Dragons Session 1 – Greenest in Flames

Six years ago, I started running a monthly Tyranny of Dragons campaign. Here’s the write up from the first session. Introducing the Characters Crake Crozier, human rogue, charlatan “Flotsam” Rosie Fleisch, half-elf warlock, pirate Gwastdyn Strakeln, shield dwarf druid, outlander Turin Elinast, moon elf bard, entertainer Ug St. John Smith, half-orc paladin of Ilmater, acolyte 10thContinue reading “Tyranny of Dragons Session 1 – Greenest in Flames”

House Hunter for D&D 5e

Many years ago, I ran The Vanishing Village by Marcus Rowland from Dungeon #19 for my wife Kate. Or rather, I attempted to run it. Her player character took one look at the suspiciously empty small village and decided to give it a wide berth. Every so often in the months (and years!) that followedContinue reading “House Hunter for D&D 5e”