Dungeon23 – Caverns of the Heart Eaters

For Week 3 of Dungeon23, we’ve descended part-way down the well in Room 11 in the Catacombs of the Monkey God to a dank series of caverns inhabited by horrific monsters that feed on the hearts of living creatures.

Will the stairs down revealed on this week’s map lead somewhere near the bottom of the well or do they go somewhere else entirely? Maybe we’ll all find out this week!

Rooms 16 – 21

Room Descriptions

15. Hidden shrine to Hanuman behind secret door (DC 17 to find). Once per week a group leaving an offering of food or flowers beneath Hanuman’s statue gains the benefits of prayer of healing.

Hand drawn dungeon map in notebook
Catacombs of the Monkey God including Room 15

16. 30’ down the well [11] a narrow opening leads to a dank tunnel heading northeast. Medium sized PCs will need to crawl.

17. Dank cavern, its walls covered in greenish moss. Patches of fungus grow along the west wall. If disturbed, they give off hallucinogenic spores with the effects of a confusion spell; DC 15 Con saving throw to avoid.

18. A pair of corpse-like gaunt ones (TOB2) sit quietly, listening for nearby heartbeats. The uneven floor is spattered with old bloodstains.

19. Water dripping from the ceiling has formed a shallow pool on the floor. The corpses of two tattooed thugs from the Eight Scorpions criminal gang lie face down in the pool – their hearts are missing. Treasure: a jade elephant statuette (worth 150 gp) lies on the bottom of the pool.

20. A large pool of fetid, algae-filled water in the centre of the chamber, inhabited by a putrescent slime (TOB2). Sickly yellow fungi grow in the SE corner – they have the same properties as the ones in [17]

21. Crumbling stone statue of a horned demon, its face broken away. Small wooden bowl at its feet contains offerings made by the gaunt ones: 17 sp, 9 gp, 4 yellow zircons worth 40 gp each. Bones in the NE corner. SW part of chamber is choked with rubble. 1 hour’s digging uncovers a tunnel leading west. 

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Main image by Jonanthan Roberts

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2 thoughts on “Dungeon23 – Caverns of the Heart Eaters

  1. Really enjoying this. You’ve got a great economy of words with your descriptions. I was able to read through the whole thing very quickly but felt like I had a good grip on the place and what it would look like.

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