Dungeon23 – Flooded Caverns of the Fish-Folk

For Week 5 of Dungeon23, we’ve reached the bottom of the well (Room 11) and arrived in a series of flooded caverns occupied by google-eyed fish-folk and something sinister with tentacles. As Creighton Broadhurst says, everything is better with tentacles.

For next week, I’m thinking about drawing some rooms that connect up with the sewers we first explored in Week 1….

Rooms 29 – 35

Room Descriptions

29. Narrow tunnel from the bottom of the well leads into a flooded cavern inhabited by 5 goggle-eyed fish-folk led by a monitor

30. Glyph-covered stone pyramid rises 20’ out of the water. An altar of alien black stone sits on top, sticky with blood. Grooves cut into the altar and steps allow blood from sacrifices to flow into the water. Blugzoolug, a fish-folk archpriest, pays homage to her tentacled deity in here, accompanied by 2d4 fish-folk.

31. Slippery ledges overlook the water below (DC 16 to climb). The walls are carved with unsettling pictographs. Treasure: necklace of black coral worth 500 gp. Wearer has disturbing prophetic dreams.

32. Ladder leading up to ledge holding a statue of a bizarre tentacled deity holding a trident. Warm-blooded PCs climbing onto the ledge receive a lightning blast from the trident (+7 to hit, 3d6 lightning damage). 4 fish-folk whips swim in the water.

33. Water cascades over a waterfall into this large cavern. Lair of Phenthigoon, an aboleth worshipped by the insane fish-folk as an avatar of their goddess. A ledge overlooks the water below. Hole in the floor leads down 15’ to a flooded tunnel to [34].

34. Aboleth’s secret chamber & treasure vault. Treasure: 2,400 gp, 125 pp, gold astrolabe (750 gp), sickly violet stone statue of frog-like god (300 gp), silver candlestick (200 gp), bronze tiger’s head (350 gp), crocodile armour (Vault of Magic), wand of the war mage +2, brass snake ball (Vault of Magic).

35. Partly flooded chamber – home to 4 fish-folk. The largest one has max hp and wears an orichalcum headdress studded with pearls (worth 500 gp). The others wear jewellery made from bones and shells. A stone statue of a once six armed daeva lord in pieces on the bottom of the pool.

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Main image by Jonathan Roberts

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