Dungeon23 – Cannibal Caverns of the Gorger

For Week 9 of #Dungeon23, I decided to draw the ghoul-infested caves and catacombs to the east of the Charnel Pit of the Restless Dead. To make sure I got the geography right and avoid any more schoolboy errors, I had a go at drawing an isometric map of Weeks 1 – 9. I’ll add to this map as I draw additional areas in the coming weeks.

Here’s this week’s map.

Rooms 57 – 63

Room Descriptions

57. Cavern littered with bones, the remains of corpses brought here from the charnel pit [44]. 1d4 + 1 ghouls and a ghast are encountered in this chamber. Crude paintings of skills and bones are daubed on the walls in dried blood. 

58. Steps from NW lead down into a chamber with three rough hewn standing stones daubed with symbols of death in dried blood. Living creatures who stand within 5’ of a stone suffer 1d6 necrotic dmg per round. 15’ high ledge leads to western tunnel.

59. Crude steps lead up from the SW. a sickly white corpse worm (TOB2) lairs here, feeding on corpses brought to it by the ghouls. Its rubbery eggs are stuck to the SE wall. A hole in the floor descends into darkness.  

60. Four emaciated beggar ghouls (TOB) lurk here, chewing on old bones. Starving, they rush towards living creatures, slavering.

61. Throne room of The Gorger, a corpulent bloated ghoul (TOB2) so large that he cannot move from his throne of black marble. His minions, 1d6 ghouls, bring him adventurers or rotting corpses from the charnel pit [44] to consume. The Gorger wears a gold crown worth 1,250 gp that is too small for his huge swollen head.

62. Narrow stone bridge crosses a 100’ deep chasm haunted by skin bats (TOB). 2d4 appear when someone tries to cross. Tunnel in the SW wall, 20’ higher than the bridge.

63. Statue of a six-armed daeva in a polished black stone with a disconcerting aura – DC 13 Wisdom saving throw or become frightened, fleeing in terror for 1 minute. The ghouls have daubed skull symbols on the floor in here in blood. Secret door (DC 15 to find) leads to a hidden staircase. Treasure: the base of the statue has a secret compartment (DC 18) holding a dagger of venom.

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Main image by Jonathan Roberts

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