Dungeon23 – The Hall of Monkeys

This week I continued filling out last week’s map – it seemed a shame to leave all that blank space at the top!

I’m pleased I’ve managed to keep this going for 13 weeks/3 months, but now feels like a good time to take a break from Dungeon23, at least until I’ve finished my current freelance game design project. I do want to revisit the Hidden Quarter again in the coming weeks though – it’s been fun to work on Parsantium again!

Rooms 85 – 91

Room Descriptions

85. Hall of Monkeys. Dusty hallway lined with pillars carved with mischievous monkeys. Each of the doors in the north & south walls is bronze and has a monkey’s face etched into it. The doors are locked (DC 15 to open) and trapped with glyphs of warding that summon a swarm of undead monkeys when triggered.

86. Spiral staircase leading up to an abandoned building in the city above. After the first 20’, the stairs are covered in slimy green moss, making the steps slippery.

87. Priests’ Tombs. The east and west walls contain two tiered burial niches. Each shelf holds an ancient skeleton dressed in robes that have mostly rotted away. DC 15 Investigation check to determine that the bones have been disturbed and replaced.

88. Priests’ Tombs. As [87] but the skeletons in the eastern chamber are vanaran rather than human (DC 12 Medicine check to determine). Although these tombs have been robbed in the past, the thieves missed a gold ring on one skeleton, worth 50 gp.

89. Fugitive’s hideout. Kamalesh, a blue-furred vanara cleric of Hanuman, is hiding out in this chamber. Recently returned to Parsantium after adventures along the Via Bathura, Kam originally fled the city after stealing from the powerful Pavone family. He has restored the wards on the priests’ tombs and summoned a dvarapala to protect Hanuman’s temple.

90. Sealed Tomb. The stone door is sealed shut (DC 20 Athletics to break open) and is inscribed with monkey symbols and dire warnings. If the tomb is disturbed, the vengeful spirit of Surij, a powerful wraith, attacks. Also, all the locked doors to the priests’ tombs [87-88] fly open and the skeletons inside animate, 28 of them in all! Treasure: monkey’s paw of fortune (VoM, 1 use remaining).

91. Well hidden secret door (DC 20) leading to the temple [80].

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Main image by Jonathan Roberts

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