Getting Ready for Scarlet Citadel

I’m currently running two monthly campaigns: Empire of the Ghouls and Oracle of War, but have missed running a game for my Monday night group since finishing Starfinder a couple of years ago.

This October, I’m going to be running Scarlet Citadel by Steve Winter, Kobold Press’ deadly “Dungeon of Secrets” for 5e, online to start with, then hopefully in person so I can use the amazing Map Folio at the table.

The players are all new to Midgard, so as with Empire of the Ghouls, I have followed Sly Flourish’s recommendations in Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master and put together a short campaign brief with some key truths about the setting which I’m sharing here in case it’s useful for others.

Download the campaign brief

Main image by David Auden Nash

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