Dungeon23 – The Lamplighters’ Bolt-hole

In Week 6 of Dungeon23, I returned to the sewer level just below Parsantium’s city streets with an area located just to the west of Week 1’s map.

Heading down the spiral stairs in Room 42 is a tempting option for next week….

Rooms 36 – 42

Room Descriptions

36. A sewer worker in the brown uniform of the Department of Night Soil Management lies slumped against the north wall of the sewer tunnel. Barely alive, his left leg is missing, bitten off by the ghoul crocodile in [7]

37. Three rogues belonging to the Lamplighters criminal gang are holed up here, hiding from their rivals in the Golden Scimitars. The east door is trapped. If the door is opened by someone who fails to knock correctly, a crossbow fires at +6 to hit, inflicting 2d6 damage.

38. The Lamplighters are keeping Master Gallienus of the Stonemasons’ guild prisoner in this room, hoping to exchange him for one of their allies in the Potters who has been kidnapped by the Golden Scimitars. Gallienus is manacled to the south wall & suffering from exhaustion.

39. Secret door (DC 18 to find) leading to the Lamplighters’ secret storeroom, containing weapon racks holding longswords, spears & heavy crossbows. A suit of chainmail hangs on a stand.

40. Four columns carved with monkeys hold up the 20’ high ceiling. The floor in the middle of the room has collapsed – the hole drops down into darkness. PCs going within 5’ of the hole might cause the floor to give way – DC 12 Dex save to avoid falling 50’.

41. Walls covered with insane scrawlings of a disturbed mind. Opening in north to sewer tunnel. Room is occupied by a gibbering mouther.

42. Treacherous spiral staircase leading down. Each PC has a 15% cumulative chance of causing the stairs to collapse. DC 15 Dex save, taking 4d6 damage on a failed save, half damage on a success.

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Main image by Jonathan Roberts

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