Dungeon23 – Hidden Hallways of the Gang Wars

For Week 11 of #Dungeon23, I filled out the rest of the map I drew last week.

It’s been fun to connect two of the earlier maps, so I’m planning on doing the same next week and exploring what lies to the west of the Catacombs of the Monkey God.

Rooms 64 – 77
Map Key

Room Descriptions

71. Trapped corridor. Concealed pit, 20’ deep with spikes. PCs falling in are struck by 1d4 + 1 spikes each doing 1d6 piercing damage. DC 15 to spot/disarm.

72. Rogues’ bolthole, accessed by well-hidden secret doors (DC 17). Room contains bed, rations, water & other supplies, crossbow, bolts, shortsword, potion of healing. There are signs it’s been used recently.

73. Pressure plate (DC 17 to find) triggers a scything blade trap, +6 to hit, 2d10 slashing damage.

74. Dead body of a shaven-headed human rogue impaled on a spear trap. Pool of congealed blood on the floor. The body is tattooed with the symbol of the Golden Scimitars criminal gang.

75. Stairs lead down from this small room. A female silhouette, the symbol of Ratri, Queen of the Night, is carved into the south wall.

76. Rogues’ training room. Three dead bodies lying on the floor, all have Golden Scimitars tattoos. They’ve been stripped of weapons and armour. Long bench holds various locks, manacles, lock picks & keys. Straw dummy for target practice stands in NW corner.

77. An ochre jelly clings to the ceiling I this chamber. Torches enchanted with continual flame are in sconces in the NE & SW corners.

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Main image by Jonathan Roberts

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