Dungeon23 – The Artificer’s Abandoned Workshop

For Week 10 of #Dungeon23, I’ve drawn the sewer map that connects the very first map I did with The Lamplighters’ Bolt-hole.

There’s quite a bit of space left on the page so I’m thinking I might continue with the same map for Week 11 if I can decide what to do with the key.

Rooms 64 – 70

Room Descriptions

64. Wooden bridge over the sewer channel is rotten (DC 12 to spot) and liable to collapse, tipping a PC into the muck & potentially attracting the attention of the ghoul crocodile [7].

65. Dusty abandoned workshop, rusty tools on the workbench, cold forge. The leg of a bronze construct lies on the table in the SE corner. It kicks out at anyone who touches it, +5 to hit, 1d4 + 3 bludgeoning damage, AC 15, 17 hp.

66. Secret door (DC 17 to find) leads into artificer’s hidden workroom. The walls are covered with yellowing sheets of parchment depicting schematics for strange mechanical devices. There is an obvious gap where something has been removed. Desk & chair against west wall. Bottle of ink holds an ink guardian ooze (CC).

67. Abandoned living quarters, furnished with a bed, wardrobe, chest, wash basin & stove. Everything is covered in a thin patina of dust. Wardrobe & chest both stand open – an oil-spattered smock is the only item left. Dirty dishes in the wash basin are covered in mould.

68. Basement beneath a coffee house in the Artisans Ward. Four large barrels are lined up against the west wall. One is empty and has a secret door at each end (DC 15 to find).

69. Sewer workers’ mess hall. Four off duty sewer workers are sitting around a table playing Five Blind Monkeys. The pot is 19 cp. Their civilian clothes are hanging up in [a] which also holds barge poles, nets, shovels and other gear.

70. Ancient stone statue of Ratri, Queen of the Night. The four pillars and walls are covered in graffiti – many of the scribbles and symbols are coded messages between members of criminal gangs.

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Main image by Jonathan Roberts

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