Dungeon23 – Domain of the Dark Naga

For Week 4 of Dungeon23, we’ve descended the stairs from Room 20 in the Caverns of the Heart Eaters to a series of ancient rooms and passageways dating back to the founding of Dhak Janjua, now home to Bhadravai, a dark naga.

As I write this, I’m pondering whether to continue going down to the flooded caverns below or add some more rooms to this level….

Rooms 22 – 28

Room Descriptions

22. Stairs head down from [20] above. Faded frescoes damaged by mould cover the walls, depicting the escape of the refugees from the geomancers of Karjan and the founding of Dhak Janjua. A hungry gelatinous cube wanders this chamber.

23. Secret door in the side of the well [11], 10’ above the surface of the water, leads into circular room decorated with faded frescoes showing the construction of two great bridges across the Dolphin Strait. The floor is dust free, kept clean by the gelatinous cube.

24. Narrow crumbling ledges circumvent a huge hole in the floor leading down to a flooded cavern below. More than 100 lbs weight on a section of ledge has a 30% chance of causing it to collapse – DC 13 Dex save to avoid falling in the water. To make things worse the section of ledge marked ‘m’ is a mimic.

25. Large round stone table dominates the room. Prayers of giving thanks to the gods are carved into its surface in Sampuran. The table top is supported by four stone elephants. One has tiny sapphires for eyes. The gems are worth 500 gp each but can only be removed by someone who reads the prayers out loud first.

26. Ancient stone statue of Agni, god of fire. Agni has two heads, seven hands, three legs, and seven fiery tongues. When the room is entered a flickering flame appears in the statue’s hands, shedding bright light in 10’ radius.

27. Room decorated with more faded frescoes of early Dhak Janjua. Now lair of Bhadravai, a dark naga, who rules over this part of the Hidden Quarter. She is attended by 2d4 goblins. Treasure concealed under silk cushions in NE corner = 2,200 gp, 13 blue tourmalines @ 100 gp, periapt of health. Secret door (DC 17 to find) leads down.

28. Goblin quarters – crude beds & 1d6 snoring goblins. Each has a 3d6 sp, one has a trinket.

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Main image by Jonathan Roberts

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2 thoughts on “Dungeon23 – Domain of the Dark Naga

    1. Cheers! No overall plan as such, but the dungeon rooms I’m designing are all located in Parsantium’s Hidden Quarter which I wrote about in Parsantium: City at the Crossroads.


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