The Golden Scimitars – Free Parsantium PDF

It’s been over five years since I’ve published new content for Parsantium but The Golden Scimitars is now available! This six page PDF details the notorious Hidden Quarter criminal gang and includes four new 5e NPC stat blocks. Although based in Parsantium: City at the Crossroads, you can use the Golden Scimitars in any D&DContinue reading “The Golden Scimitars – Free Parsantium PDF”

More Ideas for Making the Most of Your TTRPG Collection

A month ago I wrote a post on some of the things I’ve done to try and make the most of my collection of TTRPG books, PDFs and campaign notes. I got some great suggestions in the comments, on Twitter, and elsewhere online so I thought I’d share them here. Alphastream One technique I startedContinue reading “More Ideas for Making the Most of Your TTRPG Collection”

Making the Most of Your TTRPG Collection

I love adding cool stuff from books I’ve bought and from blogs and online articles into my game. But when you buy as many D&D and TTRPG books and PDFs as I do, it can be hard to keep up with what you’ve got, let alone read, or make use of everything. Things like BundlesContinue reading “Making the Most of Your TTRPG Collection”

Designing Monsters for Tome of Beasts III

Back in my post on My Year in TTRPG Gaming, I said I’d been working on some exciting stuff for Kobold Press which had yet to be announced. Well, the catoblepas is now out of the bag of tricks!  Since May last year I have been hard at work designing monsters for Tome of BeastsContinue reading “Designing Monsters for Tome of Beasts III”

2021: My Year in TTRPG Gaming

This year has been another tough one for everyone. Playing and writing for D&D has been a big help in getting me through it, so I thought I should write a blog post looking back at some of the fun things that I’ve been up to. On 2nd January, the Southlands Kickstarter ended, with anContinue reading “2021: My Year in TTRPG Gaming”

Potbellied Kobold’s Guide to Villains & Lairs

I’m excited to share the news that I’m part of the Potbellied Kobold’s Guide to Villains & Lairs, the latest Kickstarter from Jeff Stevens Games. This is a super useful book for your D&D game, containing 30 villainous NPCs and 10 unique lairs to include in your next adventure. I had a lot of funContinue reading “Potbellied Kobold’s Guide to Villains & Lairs”

Welcome to the Southlands!

Huzzah! I am incredibly excited that Southlands, the biggest freelance game design project I’ve worked on, is now available to buy in print & PDF from Kobold Press. I started working on the Southlands Worldbook in August 2019, beginning with the High Jungles, Kingdoms of Salt and Steel, and Corsair Coast chapters. My brief wasContinue reading “Welcome to the Southlands!”

Wondrous Locales of the Southlands

I’m very happy to see that Warlock 27: Southlands has been released to Kobold Press Patreon supporters and is now available to buy on the Kobold Press site. I’ve been writing for Warlock, Kobold Press’ darkly fantastical 5th edition zine-like booklets since the first one and jumped at the chance to contribute to the SouthlandsContinue reading “Wondrous Locales of the Southlands”

Oracle of War: The Final Tribute

I’m very excited to report that my second adventure for the D&D Adventurers League Oracle of War campaign, DDAL-EB-17 The Final Tribute, was published on the DMs Guild yesterday and is already a Copper Seller! The Final Tribute is a Tier 4 Eberron adventure optimised for 17th level player characters and set in the plague-riddenContinue reading “Oracle of War: The Final Tribute”